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Made in China vaccinations have been marketed as the earliest, most effective and most available vaccines. But none of the Chinese Leaders want to take it. Are Chinese Leaders sacrificing so the rest of the world can have them? Or are made-in-China Vaccines, a scam, like most of the other Chinese made products? Chinese Vaccines are another Scam from China
Is Biden thinking Xi is Pooh? It is a big mistake for the US government to think Xi is as harmless as Winnie the Pooh, the Disney character. In the 9 years that he has been the President of China, China has committed horrible crimes against its own citizens, bolstered several terrorist states, illegally encroached on the borders of India and the South China Sea, and has created a war like situation with 10 countries. Is Xi Pooh even an apt comparison? Xi Jinping Winnie Pooh
Wolf Warrior Diplomacy : Wolfs or Jackasses? wolf warriors jackasses
Is your Phone Made in China? Identify Chinese Phones
How reliable is news about China? Call out the bullshit from China
Xi Jinping at Davos 2021 Hollow words from chinese leader at 2021 World Economic Forum
One China Policy is a Lie : India does not have borders with China India borders Tibet, not China
Genocide of the Uyghur People China's Crimes Against Humanity
What does China mean by Win Win How is China encroaching our borders and economy?