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Survival Instincts Programs

Program Details and Brochures

Series Program Name Fee Per Participant Brochure
4A First Aid Training USD42.00 First Aid Program
4A Basic Life Support (BLS) Training USD381.00 Basic Life Support Program
4A Advanced Life Support (ALS) Training USD1838.00 Advanced Life Support Program
4A First Aid Brochure USD0.00 Emergency Medical Response Training from Red Cross
4A Cardiac Emergencies Poster USD0.00 Emergency Medical Response Training from Red Cross
4A World Heart Day USD0.00 World Heart Day Training
4A Snakes in India and First Aid USD0.00 four most dangerous snakes in India
4A Lung Cancer Awareness USD0.00 Prevent Identify and Treat Lung Cancer
4B Women's Self Defense Steps USD0.00 Women's Self Defense Moves
4B Women's Self Defense Demonstration USD0.00 EVADE Training Program
4B Women's Safety Escape Methods USD0.00 Disengage quickly and escape
4B Extreme Violence & Aggression - Defense & Escape (EVADE) USD0.00 Evade - Defend and Escape Quickly
4B Women's Safety Rally USD0.00 Women's Safety Activities
4B Save the Girl Child Rally USD0.00 Save Girls from Foeticide, Infanticide, and Discriminations
4B International Womens Day USD0.00 Trainings for Professional Women
4B Protect Yourself When Travelling USD0.00 Tips on Travelling Safely for Women
4C Earthquake Safety USD0.00 Safety During an Earthquake
4C Earthquake Drill USD0.00 Drop Cover and Hold On - Earthquake Drill
4C World Safety Day Exercise USD0.00 Coordinating Navy, Coastguard & Coastal Police
4C Search & Rescue Timelines USD0.00 Stages in a Search and Rescue Operation - Timeline
4D Trekking Adventures USD35.00 Trekking Adventures in India
4D Camping Adventure USD100.00 Leadership Training - Summer Camp
4D Winter Leadership Camp USD250.00 Survival Training - Winter Camp
4T Components of Tactical Armor USD0.00 (contact us)
4T Tactical Combat Training USD2850.00 (contact us)
4T Close Quarter Combat USD750.00 Hand to Hand (H2H) and Close Quarter Combat (CQC)