Is Xi Jinping as innocent as Winnie the Pooh Bear?

Xi Jinping vs. Winnie the Pooh

Xi Jinping Pooh Bear?

Biden and Xi, Tigger and Pooh

One of the biggest mistakes in Obama administration’s foreign policy was not recognizing what Xi Jinping was capable of. Will the Biden administration recognize and correct this mistake?

At the first sight, Xi appears as cute, cuddly and innocent as Winnie the Pooh, the Walt Disney bear character. He appears polite, magnanimous, courteous and respectful.

But since 2012 when he came to power, China has done a 180 on foreign policy, monetary and fiscal policy, and internal security policy.

China that had a decades long peaceful co-existence with India - has now the most adversarial of relationships. There are at least five different areas of the border where soldiers have had fatalities or serious injuries. To make matters worse, the decades long no-firearm policy has been reversed. The world’s two largest countries now stand at a razor thin line between border feuds and all-out war.

Japan has had roughly the same issues with China. China is trying to infringe on Japanese territory especially in the Senkaku Islands. Chinese coast guard frequently threatens and intimidates Japanese Fishermen.

Philippines is being threatened by the unofficial Chinese maritime militia. They have forcefully occupied the Julian Philippe reef in the South China Sea. This is a broader pattern of China's illegal occupation of such island chains all across the South China Sea.

This broader encroachment has been a pattern with many other independent countries including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It should be of worlds interest that none of the territories that has now become "disputed territories" were disputed when Xi Jinping came to power in 2012. All these disputes are inventions of the Chinese Communist Party under his leadership.

It’s worth asking the all-important question. Is Xi leading China in the right direction? Is China going to a responsible world power under the leadership of Xi Jinping? Under the Pooh bear appearance of Xi, is there a self-serving sociopath, who will lead the world towards world war 3?


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