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Strong Should Not Bully The Weak

xi jinping's speech @ davos, 25 Jan 2021

One china policy is a lie. Chinese government frequently invades other countries, and then claims one china. The world needs to stop supporting this lie.

Recently some wise politician invited Xi Jinping (the Chinese leader) to speak at the 2021 World Economic Forum. And Xi Jinping took that opportunity to give the world some invaluable “Xi thoughts”.

The focus of this article is about his call to action during the speech, that the “strong should not bully the weak”.

Throughout history, Chinese Communist Party and its authoritarian regime in Beijing have always been victims of bullying. Everybody bullies Beijing for no reason.

In the summer of 1989, thousands of unarmed student bullies attacked the innocent peoples liberation army (PLA) at the Tiananmen square in Beijing. The students killed over 10,000 Chinese communist party officials that June.

You’d think that was the first time Chinese Communist Party faced bullying. But sadly, no.

Decades ago, when chairman Mao was in power, Chinese citizens killed 30 million communist party officials in the largest famine of the last two centuries. Communist party members starved along with Mao – luckily Mao, because of the reserve fat in his pot belly, survived the famine. Communist party still calls this the “revolution”, because of how it withstood the bullying from the Chinese citizens.

Fast forward decades, Chinese Communist Party is facing a massive bullying campaign by the Uyghurs in East Turkestan (Xinjiang Province). Up to two million innocent Chinese Communist party members have been killed, imprisoned, raped, sterilized and tortured by the Uyghur people.

To rub more salt on to the wounds, the Tibetan people are also bullying Xi Jinping and his innocent goons. Tibetan people arrest Chinese communist party members on false charges, put them in concentration camps, harvest their organs, and lets dogs feed on their carcasses. A mafia dude called the Dalai Lama is known to be the one leading this bullying campaign. He has chased the commies out of Tibet, and they have been living in exile for the last 5-7 decades.

You’d think that this would all be the bullying Xi and his dictators are victims of. But of late, the Falun gong practitioners have also started bullying the Chinese Communist Party. The Falun Gong practitioners have illegally harvested the kidneys of Xi, and now Xi just has only two remaining kidneys. Falun Gong practitioners routinely sentence communist party officials to death, and each of the death sentences are timed in a way that hospitals in China always have a fresh supply of human organs. Luckily, like Xi Jinping, almost all communist party members have multiple redundant organs, so the effects of bullying on them have been minimal.

Of late, the people of Hongkong have also started bullying Beijing. They consistently arrest commies and put them in Jail on simple charges like picking quarrels and violating national security (yes you read that correct). To make matters worse, the people of Hong Kong have illegally harvested the brain of Carrie Lam, the Beijing appointed Chief Executive of Hong Kong. She has been painfully running the government of Hong Kong, without a brain for the last 2 years!!

And Taiwan, has been bullying China by sending war planes into Chinese airspace at least twice a day. And almost every day, Taiwan has been saying that they will use force to reunite with China. How scary is this bullying going to get?

In south china sea, countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Philippines have been bullying China. They routinely ram their Chinese boats with their ships – and these countries have been building military bases on small island chains. All these military bases have missiles pointing at Xi Jinping’s house in Beijing. His family and children are living in the United States, due to all this bullying.

In this context, we can all understand why Xi Jinping had to make that speech – lets support Xi Jinping and his Chinese communist party thugs by supporting the – strong should not bully the weak – campaign.


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