Do Chinese Leaders believe in the Made-in-China Vaccines they are pushing the world to take?

Chinese Leaders' Example to the World on COVID-19 Vaccines

If Chinese Vaccines are so good, Why are Commy Leaders not taking them?

Chinese Leaders who have taken the Made-in-China Vaccine

China claims that Chinese Vaccines are the first vaccines to hit the market. They are donated to many countries. Many countries have paid and imported these vaccines. China is forcing its own citizens to take the Vaccines. Visitors to China get visas "faster:, if they take Chinese vaccines.

Sounds like the Chinese Vaccines are a hit, right?

Not so fast.

To date, not one of the Chinese leaders, who advertise to the world that the Chinese vaccines are the best, have taken the vaccines for themselves or their families!

Certainly not the central leadership of the Communist Party of China.

This is the hypocricy of the Chinese Government. The short lesson is that the Made in China vaccines are so poor, that even China's own government officials dont trust them to be safe.

So, for all the hype around them, Chinese Vaccines are nothing but a scam, just like most other Made in China products. Their quality is shabby, their effectiveness is questionable, their production is unpredictable, their distribution is below-par, and it is very likely they are very unsafe, and will have side effects that are far more serious than COVID-19.

Stop taking Made in China vaccines. Discourage others from taking Made in China Vaccines. Know and let the world know that Chinese vaccines are NOT safe.


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