China versus India

truth behind covid-19 vaccines

Progress in vaccination as of March 10,2021

infographic of china vs. india

A comparison between the vaccine statistics for India and China as March 10, 2021. Most of the chinese statistics are falsified, despite that India leads the game far ahead.

A common news theme from China for the past decade has been how Chinese government builds a bridge in 30 hours, how Chinese communist party erects a skyscraper in 20 days, and how in general the pet dragon of Xi Jinping breathes out fireballs bigger than the sun !

Yet, a country that does such so many achievements, has not developed even one (1) vaccine that has WHO approval, in over sixteen (16) months !!!?

Now you will begin to see that the dragon blows out a lot of smoke, but very little, if not any fire. Covid-19 disease originated in Wuhan, in China's Hubei province. WHO's opinion that SARS‑CoV‑2 (the virus causing the disease) and the Covid-19 disease was prevalent in China as early as September 2019. Until January 2020, China did not share the virus genetic sequence of with WHO - meaning Chinese government had five (5) years of head start with developing a vaccine for Covid-19. Everyone assumes Chinese government was hiding the virus and the disease until then.

But what if the Chinese government truly was just stupid, and it could not synthesize the genetic sequence much earlier? What if the Chinese communist party was just making another blunder of the century - just like its population policy causing a demographic disaster, or its birth control policy that resulted in 30 million more men than women, or their social revolution that led to the largest famine in 20th century, killing 30 million innocent Chinese people.

Even though the virus spread to European Union, Britain, India and United States much after, and as late as March 2020 - the US developed two vaccines by the end of September 2020, and UK developed one vaccine by October 2020. Close to heels, a third vaccine in the US from Johnson and Johnson was approved in the US. WHO approved United States Comirnaty COVID-19 mRNA vaccine by Pfizer/BioNTec by Dec 31, 2020 - and several other vaccines thereafter for emergency usage. But as of today (March 10,2021), not one single Chinese vaccine has been approved by WHO !!!

Although the Chinese government has been beating drums about existence of a “Chinese vaccine” since June 2020, Chinese communist party has not published the effectiveness data of even a single vaccine, as of today - in other words, all that is coming out of the dragon is smoke, smoke and more smoke, but no fire – not even a spark. Many third world countries that wanted to use Chinese vaccines have tested to yield completely disparate results - of less than 25%, around 50%, and around 75%. Autocratic countries around the world, like the many in the middle east, Singapore and Latin America, are inoculating their citizens with these Chinese vaccines, while their rulers are using American, British, European and Indian vaccines for themselves and their kin. "Made in China" has never been associated with quality. Testing these vaccines on a population is not only ineffective (and a complete wastage of taxpayer money), but also a huge danger to public health, as Chinese vaccines WILL have hazardous side-effects (that may even be purposefully introduced by the Chinese communist party).

World needs to take notice, that the dragon had a head start of five (5) months, complete access to initial patient data, complete genetic information about the virus many weeks ago than the world. But all these times Chinese communist party has not delivered the world even one single approved vaccine. The world needs to question any and all facts put out by the Chinese government – and not be afraid to call out that the Chinese communist party is so full of it !!!


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